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Stephen King, The Shining (1977)

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get to know me meme: nine/fifteen movies
pacific rim — "Numbers do not lie. Politics and poetry, promises, these are lies. Numbers are as close as we get from the handwriting of God.”

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"And the beauty is when you realize, when you realize
Someone could be looking for a someone like you
- The Beauty Is from The light in the Piazza

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Don’t ever talk to me about musicals ever because my responses go from “Meh” all the way up to “I CAN AND WILL SINGLE-HANDEDLY PERFORM THE ENTIRE THING START-TO-FINISH RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET DO NOT DOUBT ME I’LL DO IT”

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[on celebrity nude hacking scandal] It’s disgusting. “I have a right to your naked body or images that you’ve sent to your husband, or lover.” It’s disgusting. It’s this violent, abusive violation of womanhood—of divine womanhood. It’s violent, and it’s misogynistic, and it’s revolting, and it’s another example of what this distance has enabled us to do—it’s enabled us to be disassociated from each other. There’s enough awful shit coming from it that hopefully we’ll get to the point of, “OK, wait a second.” What’s scary is that we haven’t reached that point yet, and there hasn’t been a referendum put on it. The Internet is the new Wild West. There’s a guy now taking these pictures and putting them up in an art gallery. What fucking right does he have to do that? It’s absolutely revolting.

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Random Edit - 36/?
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Tangled Challenge  » The Songs

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"And the Lord saw the wickedness of man was great and he repented that he had made man on the earth. Rain, Forty-days and Fourty-nights of the stuff, and he left not a thing that walked alive. You see my friends, even god is entitled to a do-over, and what is Columbia if not another ark, for another time." (x)
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okay what….. what the FuCK

i am still so mad about this how did this happen to me

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Title: Pumped Up Kicks (Foster the People Cover)
Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Played: 104713 times
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